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Special constructions

Wedi construction

The plates smoothing Wedi offer multiple opportunities not only for lining walls and floors, but also for the construction of detailed and demanding construction. Be it bathroom furniture, accessory, electric heating, underfloor heating water or partition walls, screens and hamam. The plates Wedi is the ideal basis for building any shape.

The plate smoothing Wedi is much more than a dimofiles construction product. Protects against moisture and provides great insulation and efficient functionality and, as a carrier material for tiles and other building materials investment. It offers incredible opportunities. In the hands of special indeed transformed into an extraordinary material, shapes and applications which seem to be limitless.

Individual furniture with wedi Building boards
When you start to consider the possibilities of individual design, it soon becomes clear that wedi building boards can be used for much more than just as
substructures for walls and floors.

The building boards with thickness of 30mm to 100mm are perfectly suited for building tileable elements and withstand weight up to 150kg.
There are no limits to your creativity, whether you are making wash-stand basins, seats, shalves or storage surfaces.

Sunbeds Wellness Sanoasa

Beautiful and flexible
Loungers Sanoasa stand for the original shape. With the variety of styles and design, can be integrated harmoniously into the overall design of the site, Colours and shapes can be combined to create unique designs. In combination with the integrated heating system, leading to total relaxation.

For pure relaxation

The Wellness Sanoasa loungers are available in four colors. The series begin with a rocking chaise “Letizia” with elegant wooden established and continues with versions “Onda”, “Calma” and “Oscilla”, which vary in shape and design and satisfy various tastes covering many application areas.