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Health therapy & colors

When our body is relaxed our psychology changes, it stimulates us, it fills us with energy and all this contributes to the smooth functioning of the body!


In our times the use of colour has already replaced medicines in certain cases. Chromotherapy is a supplementary “colour treatment” in complementary
medicine. It is an experience that will change your life, since, in the words of Goethe: “colours affect the soul, because they not only arouse the senses but also awake emotion and feelings”.

It activates the five senses, fights laziness, and boosts energy for action and communication. It enhances vitality, sexual activity in men, cardiac
function and the circulatory system.

It mobilises existing energy and natural dynamism. It fights fatigue and improves one’s mood; it strengthens will and self-control.

It stimulates memory and mental faculties; it fights melancholy and enhances self-knowledge and self-criticism. The Japanese consider it the seat of feeling and call it ‘hara’, which is the first component of the term ‘hara-kiri’.

It helps express feelings and activates muscle and tissue regeneration. It relaxes and creates body and mind harmony; it has a soothing effect.

It has a calming effect and relaxes the nervous system; it lowers arterial pressure and facilitates one’s decision-making capacity.

Indigo blue:
It clears the mind and soul, counters negative thoughts, annihilates fear and increases one’s intuitive capacity.

It activates the nervous system and enhances mental maturity and capacity for meditation; it creates a socialising mood and increases sexuality in women.

It enhances vision and hearing, increases one’s intuitive capacity, brings psychological balance and prevents lung disease.


When water is ‘applied’ on our bodies in a specific manner at a specific temperature, it helps us and overcome common
complaints, such as malaise, feet swelling or headaches. Hydrotherapy relieves problems caused by chronic conditions, e.g. stress, osteoporosis, tinnitus or poor vein circulation. Hydrotherapy is achieved through special water jets adapted to the bath tub at specific points, so that when they operate they act on many and sensitive body parts.

Ozone therapy

This is a system of water disinfection using ozone (O3). Ozone therapy offers moments of enjoyment, rest, refreshment, health and beauty, as a result of high concentration of free oxygen inside the water of a bath tub using a hydro-massaging system. Oxygen has a positive effect on peripheral blood circulation; this is combined with skin oxygenation to provide soft body exfoliation as well. Water temperature needs to be slightly higher than that of
our bodies, so that skin and pores are deeply cleaned while dead cells are removed from upper skin layers. Ozone becomes a fundamental way of purifying
water from chlorine, fungi, viruses and various toxic substances, while offering an enjoyable and healthy bath.


This is a precious secret of beauty and well-being. Aromatherapy uses natural methods, so that the wonderful properties of wholesome natural materials
and essential oils may become accessible and useful for people in our times. Essential oils enhance and improve our physical condition and
affect our mental state. They have therapeutic properties, since they go through our skin pores and have a most positive effect on our body systems (immunity, digestion, nervous system, endocrine glands, sexual and urinary systems). Aromatherapy is not a new method, but rather a recently ‘rediscovered’ one.