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Hot and cold

The ice Flake provides better cooling and implications for the human skin after a hot bath in spa. The Flake ice has a temperature of -0.5 degrees Celsius and more irregular surface than other types of ice. Moreover Flake ice is better at handling and provides double cooling results in peeling of the skin.

Providing ice crumbs at spa, sauna or hamam motivates visitors to cool after heating. This helps in maintaining good health, but also in beauty care.

Model  EU

It produces ice in the form of a flake, providing the possibility of discharging it through a stainless steel pipe. It is ideal for peeling. It is automatic and has multiple operating and installation capabilities! Available in water-cooled and air-cooled mechanism.

Model  ES

This model has the same functions and benefits as the EU! Their difference lies in the different placement of the outlet of the stainless steel pipe.