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Minipool Accessories

Adjustable & Rotary jet

Massage jet

Ozone jet

Air control

Speaker for music

Skimmer filter

Digital board

Underwater spotlight

Spa step

It ensures easy and safe access in and out of the minipool. It is available in various colours, depending to the coatings colour.

Thermal cover

The high quality cover is necessary for minipools. It has been designed to conserve heating and energy. It is easily installed and helps protect against deteriorations.

Vacuum cleaner VEKTRO

The VEKTRO is easy to use and effective, making it the ideal and indispensable tool for maintenance and cleaning your SPA!.

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When water is ‘applied’ on our bodies in a specific manner at a specific temperature, it helps us and overcome common complaints, such as malaise, feet swelling or headaches. Hydrotherapy relieves problems caused by chronic conditions, e.g. stress, osteoporosis, tinnitus or poor
vein circulation. Hydrotherapy is achieved through special water jets adapted to the bath tub at specific points, so that when they operate they act on many and sensitive body parts.