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1414RS/1414 LS 137X137
1416RS/1416 LS 137X156
1420RS/1420 LS 137X197
1616RS / 1616 LS 156X156
1620MS 156X197
2020MS 197X197
2020MD 197X197
2023RS/2023 LS 197X227
2026MS 190X257
1616RL/1616 LL 156X156
1620RL/ 1620 LL 156X197
2020RL/2020 LL 197X197
2023RL /2023 LL 197X227
2026MIL/ 2026MRL 190X257
2323RL/2323 LL 227X227
2326 MIL/2326 MLR 257X257
2026 MD 197X287
2329MD 227X287
2329 RL/2329 LL 227X287


1414RSC/1414 LSC 137X137
1416RSC/1416 LSC 137X156
1616RAC/1616 LAC 156X156
1616RSC/1616 LSC 156X156
1620RSC/1620 LSC 156X197
2020RSC/2020 LSC 197X197
2023RSC/2023 LSC 197X227
2026RSC/2026 LSC 190X257
1620RLC/1620 LLC 156X197
2020RLC/2020 LLC 197X197
2023RLC/2023 LLC 197X227
2026RLC/2026 LLC 190X257
2323RLC/2323LLC 227X227
2326RLC/2326LLC 227X257
2029RLC/2029LLC 197X287
2329RLC/2329LLC 227X287

Θερμαντήρες σάουνας SAWO

SAWO sauna heaters will provide you an experience of absolute relaxation. They are easily installed and suitable for both small and medium-sized saunas. They are available with an incorporated control unit or an external control device.

Αξεσουάρ σάουνας SAWO